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Devops Foundation Program

If you are new to DevOps, this course will give you the basic information about DevOps, including key concepts and the terminologies.This course covers the DevOps Full Stack: People and Culture, Processes and Practices, Technology and Automation. 

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  • Strong understanding of latest automation toolset
  • Increased Salary
  • Increased Productivity & Effectiveness
  • Better Job Opportunities
  • Improved Skills & Knowledge
  • Train with an expert
  • Learn at your own pace

    DevOps Approach


    • Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC)
         Waterfall Model
    • Agile Methodology
        Scrum Model
        Sprint/ Iteration
    • What is DevOps?
    • Why DevOps?
    • DevOps Importance
    • DevOps Model
    • DevOps Life cycle
    • Market Trend an Career Scope for DevOps
    • DevOps Tools
    •  IT Service Management practices
    • DevOps best Practices
    • Visual Management
    • Change Management
    • Configuration Management
    • Release and Deployment Management
    • Incident Management
    • Introduction of Linux Operation System
    • Installing Pre-requisite Software’s (SSH Tools and FTP Tools) in Desktop/Laptop. 
    • Create an account in AWS.
    • Create an EC2 Instance in AWS.
    • Linux File/Directory structure.
    • Linux Commands.
    • Introduction
    • Python Syntax
    • Python Comments
    • Python Variables
    • Python Daya Types
    • Python Numbers
    • Python Casting
    • Python Strings
    • Python Operators
    • Python Booleans

    AWS Basics

    Azure Basics

    Gcp Basics


    • Culture
    • Sharing and Experimentation
    • Teams
    • Organizational Structures

    Instructor -led DevOps Foundation Program Live Online Class




    6th April 2024

    9AM -12PM / 5PM-9PM



    DevOps certified professionals who are working in a real-time environment are designated as DevOps Engineers. The main area of focus for DevOps engineer is to maintain a seamless communication between the development and operational side of an organization. They follow the principles of continuous development, continuous testing, continuous integration, continuous deployment and continuous monitoring to make sure that the product gains maximum profitability.

    As per Payscale, the average salary of a DevOps professional is $96,418 in the United States.

    You can choose either of the two options: View the recorded session of the class available  OR You can attend the missed session, in any other live batch.

    Basic knowledge of Linux or scripting is good to have. For this, we provide you with a free Linux training course to help speed up your learning.
    Prior IT experience would be necessary for learning this technology.

    Yes, a person without IT experience can enter DevOps. However, having coding and programming knowledge is highly recommended for effective learning.

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